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Agia Anna Naxos

The most famous beach of Naxos is Agia Anna. Crystal clear waters, organized with umbrellas and sun beds, nice taverns and cafes near the sea. It should be the first choice of our visitors!

Maria from Naxos

The Agia Anna was great! The best beach in Naxos with crystal clear sea and sand. It has all kinds of taverns and bars along.

Aggela from Athens

The Agia Anna beach is enjoyable any time of day. In noon has nice people and families, but not crowded because it is large in length, and stunning in the evening with sunsets view over Paros..

Petros from Athens

Naxos has many sandy beaches but Agia Anna must be the most suitable for children because it has shallow water. The sunbed prices are a bit stiff.

Dimitris from Athens

Clean beach with crystal water and view on Paros.


Agia Anna beach is long and only a portion of it is organized. With 8 Euros for couple of sunbed, it's better  to lie in the non-organized part!

Giorgos from Elefsina

Expensive but very nice place! Especially in the afternoons when the sun falls and the afternoon breeze begins, it's indescribable!


We stayed in one of the hotels in Agia Anna, 20 meters from the beach. It was an unforgettable experience, that we stayed so close to the sea and at night to have a relaxing walk by the sea. We were impressed by Naxos and definitely we will come back!

Zefi from Athens

Agia Anna is a place of a daily trip. You arrive at noon and drinking coffee, then you go for sunbathing on the beach, in the part that is not organized because there is a charge for sunbed and for beveridge, and then you go to one of the restaurants that serve fresh seafood. If you have any energy left, you can continue and go for a drink following the coastal road to the Agios Prokopios beach.


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