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Sunset Santorini

The sunset was very good, the price of strawberries that we ordered in the coffeehouse, not so good.. The best part was watching Thira during the sunset.

Markos from Athens

The best view of the sunset in Santorini is probably on the edge of Oia. Of course you have to go early to find a good spot because many people gather there.

Ilias from Athens

There is no better way to end a busy day by watching the sunset from the hotel terrace in Santorini .. The only thing missing was a Jacuzzi!

Andreas from Athens

I recommend to all, sunset view from Megalochori. The volcano did not block the view of the sun sinking into the sea and it was fantastic! For many photos!

Stella from Athens

We enjoyed the sunset little differently, apart from the classical of course. We had a sunset boat tour. It may sound expensive, but it's not. 60 Euro per person which are worth it, not only for the sunset view but generally. Within the 60 euro are included the food and unlimited drinks.

Alexandros from Athens

It was really very nice, in many places you see sunsets but Santorini makes it a little more magical. Maybe because it is known for it, maybe because of the volcano or because we see it from a cut rock. It has, however, a large dose of romance...

Ioanna from Athens

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