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Waffle House Naxos

Naxos' hot spot is Waffle House! It is very crowded people get packed all around it but it is worth it!!

Jakob from Athens

The flavor of ice cream is indescribable! Apart from this there was a great variety of flavors. The waffle itself could be be slightly better, but still it was special!

Alexandros from Athens

During my stay in Naxos I never could find space to sit and try the waffle, and I got only ice cream, fantastic! I tried all the package in Vouliagmeni, stable value!

Aris from Athens

Quite expensive but very delicious ice cream with lots of dressing options. once in a while, because of the prices, it's worth it!

Dina from Athens

Fantastic waffles and ice cream flavors! I recommend it to everyone.


We couldn't find table to sit in Naxos Town and happily we learned that there is one at Plaka and we finally give it a try! With such good taste, there could be one in Athens center, so that we wouldn't have to travel to Vouliagmeni..

Theodora from Athens

I have never seen ice cream with brioche flavor, as well as many other flavors, but the brioche impressed me. If it was a little cheaper it would be much better.

Takis from Athens

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