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Fiscardo Kefalonia

Fiscardo was by far the most picturesque port of Kefalonia that we visited. The colorful classic and modern houses from one side have the sea and on the other the mountains, it was very impressive. And the food in the restaurants, delicious!

Giota from Athens

Close to Fiskardo there is a fantastic beach, Emplisi. It will take you about 20 minutes to get there but it's worth the hassle in the sun! It is a small bay with white pebbles and round-round has greenery. Very beautiful! PS it is not organized.

Argyris from Athens

I think a good experience in Fiskardo is a sailing trip. Within one day you will see many beautiful places, especially Ithaca and Kioni where you will stop for lunch. This trip will be unforgettable..

Dimitris from Patra

For dining in Fiskardo, Ι suggest the tavern Ellis. Very tasty seafood at good prices. Try the salad with seafood.

Alexander of Athens

The beach Dafnoudi near Fiscardo, was fantastic. The path between the trees was delightful even at midday with 35 degrees! The beach has a small cave to explore and to take photos. Because the beach is not organized, you should take with you at least water! It has pebbles so it's not suitable for does who love sand.

Spiros from Athens

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