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Argostoli Kefalonia

Argostoli is very nice and it is not a village. It is quite large with a touch of Italian flair. The coast is very nice for walking and digesting the food that you have eaten in one of the wonderful restaurants.

Sotiria from Athens

In Argostoli, the biggest impression is caused by the stone bridge. I don't remember the length but it is good place for stunning pictures. Especially if you take the 360, it will seem as if you are standing on the water!

Nikos from Patra

Afternoon walk in the famous market in Argostoli is one of the things you do before diner or before having a drink. The neoclassical buildings help to fix the atmosphere.


Argostoli it's known for its history and it has many cultural buildings such as museums, libraries etc. An exploration of those are the things you should do after the beach..


We liked the sidewalk with palm trees. We were informed that the pavement is made of pebbles gathered from the seabed.

Zeta from Athens

The theater Kefalos in Argostoli was very impressive! I recommend it not only for lovers of theater but to everyone!


Argostoli was built in a sheltered bay and natural harbor. It is large settlement but retains the feel of the province. It has many monuments that a visitors of Kefalonia can explore such as museums, library, the market, several restaurants with local cuisine and vibrant nightlife.

Georgios from Kefalonia

I recommend you tour Argostoli in your first day, that's enough time to see all attractions in the city and afterwards, you should start visiting the beaches of Kefalonia. The more you visit than better because there are impressive and cater to all tastes.


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