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Pythagorion Samos

Pythagorion is a great tourist village on the southeastern part of Samos. The harbor with boats is very characteristic, suitable for romantic walks by the sea.

Amalia from Athens

Pythagorion is quite graphic. On the one hand there is the sea and the other green mountains. If you visit it, I suggest you rent a room in one of the buildings raised on the rock to have a great view.


In Pythagorion there is an annoying noise from planes as the airport is nearby. Otherwise it is very nice and quiet.

Vasiliki from Athens

Really nice settlement with cosy, small port. I suggest you visit Four Seasons Restaurant and try their seafood and pizza! Delicious!


It was the most picturesque seaside village that we visited in Samos. The restaurants at the port have very good fish and seafood.

Panos from Lamia

If you visit the Pythagorion, you have to honor the archaeological museum. It has interesting content but the price could be lower.


The most well organized beach near Pythagorion is Potokaki beach. It has umbrellas, sunbeds and watersports. Bring your camera with you because nearby is the airport and airplanes land and take off over the beach.

Katerina from Athens

From the Pythagorion are departing daily, boats to the small island of Samiopoula. The place there is very nice and green because of the nature. The beach where the boat docks, there are umbrellas, without sunbeds, which may not be sufficient for every visitor. The beach is sand with crystal water. Worth a visit but do not forget to take along water and sandwiches hour emergency..


We loved the nature around Pythagorion. Every evening in 6 days of stay, we went out for walking with my wife. This is something that is hard to do in our city.

Kostas from Athens

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