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Myrtos Beach Kefalonia

Myrtos attracts many people and the rule applies, the sooner the better. It doesn't get crowdy, but it is a bit difficult to find a good spot.

Asterias from Patra

You must start early in the morning for Myrtos beach, not only to find a good place on the beach, but to park nearby. Otherwise you will walk.

Stavros from Thessaloniki

It suits to have with you a beach umbrella in order to sit close to the sea. Sunbeds are a little bit further. As long as the wind is calm..


Fantastic scenery and fantastic colors. The combination of white and blue at Myrtos beach makes you think you're in more exotic places, not that our are not better!!

Panos from Athens

Myrtos is something else. Understandably it is sight that raise the popularity of a destination. We didn't visit Kefalonia only for the beach but it certainly is one of the main reasons to go back.

Kostas from Thessaloniki

Myrtos beach must be a paradise for photographers. The view of the beach from above with the colors of green nature, white pebbles and clear blue sea make it a unique place in Kefalonia.

Petros from Patra

The beach is fantastic surrounded by scenery shouting Kefalonia. The only bad thing is that it has quite often waves and this makes it dangerous for children. But when it is calm, it's fantastic!

Stefania from Athens

Myrtos is like a pool and anyone who visits Kefalonia can not miss this site! The beach has quite strong currents, so it's more safe for the swimmers not to go far from the beach.


When we visited Myrtos beach, because of the waves, we were afraid to swim and we didn't dive. The nice thing though was that we didn't regret it at all! The environment and the landscape is so relaxing that it empty your mind and you enjoy the true relaxation!  

Aggeliki from Athens

The pebbles in Myrtos can be uncomfortable so I suggest double towel or something underneath, so you won't feel like you having annoying massage.


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