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Acqua Alaties Beach Kefalonia

Acqua Alaties Beach is suitable if you like to enjoy a nice cocktails combined with breathtaking Kefalonia sunset. The small beach near the bar will chill you up!

Stefan from France

Nice place to enjoy dinner, sunset and cocktails afterwards. Low prices taking into account the quality. Even the road to Acqua Alaties Beach is lovely in Kefalonia nature..

Gosia from Poland

Pretty good cocktails and amazing view. But the food could be a little better. Tasty but small portions. Polite and quick staff, unforgettable sunset!

Marios from Athens

Tasteful dishes and cocktails at low prices and polite staff. That is my memory from Acqua Alaties Beach. Not very comfortable seats is nothing, compared to the pleasure that gives you the view of the sun sinking under the sea.

Enzzo from Italy

Friendly vine and warm environment, the indescribable view and sunset keep you in Acqua Alaties Beach for hours.

Anastasia from Athens

We visited Acqua Alaties Beach two times during our stay in Kefalonia. I don't know in which category you can put the place, restaurant or bar, because the food as well as the variety of cocktails that we tried both times where fantastic.


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