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Jojo Santorini

The Jojo has very nice and relaxing sunbeds, good music and nice pool and of course the awesome beach is right next to it!

Panagiotis from Athens

Pretty good prices for what it has to offer and because it is in Santorini and at Perivolos. Nice pool, good service and good club sandwich!

Anna from Athens

Jojo was a great experience for us. Beautiful people from around the world, quick and polite staff, enjoyable cocktails. Definitely worth visiting if you are at Perivolos.

Matt from USA

Cocktails at Jojo were very well prepared with imagination and passion. It is the place to meet nice and fun people.

Andreas from Athens

Almost all day party at jojo. It was quite amazing but this is how that part of Santorini is like. The food at the beach bar was also respectful and not too pricey, big club sandwich 9 euros.


Fantastic atmosphere and crowded with people that like to dance and have fun. The DJ performing was fantastic, we were standing up for hours and enjoying ourselves!

Milica from Serbia

Santorini always looks stunning, it was our second visit but only for 4 days. At our first day we went to Jojo and we were impressed, among other thing, by the level of service and the quick food. Great time!

Enrico from Italy

Great music, great cocktails, great service. Thanks Antonio!


The area of Jojo was very comfortable. Big sunbeds and sun umbrellas, at typical for Santorini looking beach with black pebbles.


It was more than enjoyable drinking a nice looking cocktail and eating at jojo, overlooking the beach and Aegean Sea. Really priceless moments..


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