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Santorini mou Santorini Oia

A Santorini tavern with a friendly atmosphere, live music and delicious dishes. It has no view, so visit it after sunset.

Vaso from Thessaloniki

A little overpriced food but with nice, friendly atmosphere. It is only for one time during the period of stay in Oia, but if we visit Santorini again, we'll visit it again.

Peter from US

We have very pleasant memories from santorini mou. The traditional Greek cuisine with local Santorini ingredients, as inform from staff, made all the difference in taste. The traditional music was very pleasant and we enjoyed it.

Luca from Italy

A combination of good food and Greek entertainment with live music! Very good choice, although a little expensive. But we didn't mind because the image of the visitors from all over the world dancing, was enjoyable and worthwhile.

Nikos from Athens

Very fun atmosphere with the three musicians keeping the tavern upright. It's better to go to the tavern after 9 when the live music has started and has more people.

Chris from Denmark

It's more worthy the atmosphere and live music than the food part. The service was a little slow, understandably because the restaurant was full and the food was good, but not perfect. The customers, however, had a good time as well as we and I recommend it.

Paul from US

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