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Azolimnos beach is 6 kms from Ermoupoli at the southeast part of the island. Syros has many seaside villages with Azolimnos being one of them. The beach has golden sand and clear water. It is organized with many amenities. You will also find diving centres offering unforgettable sea tours. There are also hotels in the area and rooms to let. Due to its popularity it is hard to find an available room to spend the night. It is recommended to book in advance to avoid disappointment. The taverns at Azolimnos are well known for their exceptional cuisine from the finest fish and sea food. You have to visit Azolimnos even when you don’t stay there. The houses in the area are surrounded by trees, making Azolimnos an excellent location to relax. Local buses run frequent services to/from Ermoupoli.


Ampela beach is one of the smallest Syros beaches 14 kms from Ermoupoli at the south part of the island. It is a sandy beach and it is not organized. It is usually quiet, protected from the strong winds and waves as it is in a small bay. There are some holiday houses owned by residents nearby. The days with clear sky and good visibility you can see Antiparos Island at the horizon. Next to Ampela there is the seaside village Meras Gialos.


Achladi beach is located at the south part of the island, 9 kms from Ermoupoli, near Vari. The beach is at the side of the picturesque fisher’s port. The beach is sandy and calm, protected from the strong Aegean Sea winds. There are every type of hotels, rooms to let and villas nearby. Achladi is also known for its fresh fish and seafood. Restaurants buy them from the nearby fishermen and serve them fresh as the catch of the day. There is nightlife at the nearby Vari and cafeterias at Achladi. The bay of Achladi beach is suitable for mooring. You can reach Achladi by bus from Ermoupoli.

Megas Gialos

Megas Gialos beach is one of the most popular resorts at Syros Island. The village is located at the south part of the island, 12 kms from Ermoupoli. The beach is sandy with shallow clear and calm water, protected from the strong summer north winds. Access is very easy by frequent bus services from Ermoupoli. Megas Gialos lies almost in the middle of the south beach of the island. It is a great starting point to explore more beaches at the south part of Syros. You can use the bus to get to almost all south beaches of Syros. There are several establishments in the area, like taverns, cafeterias, hotels and rooms to let. The islands opposite the beach are Paros and Antiparos.

Santorinoi Beach

Santorinoi beach is one of the quietest and secluded Syros beaches, took its name after migrants from Santorini Island. It is 7 kms from Ermoupoli at the southeast part of the island. The beach is sandy, it is not organized and it lies between Azolimnos and Vari. There is only one tavern near the beach, so when visiting the beach, you should have all necessary provisions with you. The rock at the two sides of the beach offer underwater interest, so if you like snorkeling, make sure you have a mask with you.


Fabrika beach is located 8 kms from Ermoupoli, near Vari at the southeast part of the island. The area offers several facilities like hotels, taverns and cafeterias, although the number of them is limited. Taverns at Fabrika are known for their seafood dishes. The beach is sandy and is partially organized. Those brave swimmers can try reaching the small island, opposite the beach.


Fokiotrypes beach is at the very east end of Syros. At 7kms from Ermoupoli and 1.5 kms from Azolimnos it is the perfect location for relaxation and swimming. Following the path from Azolimnos you can reach Fokiotrypes in 15 minutes. Surrounded by steep high rocks, the beach is ideal for nature lovers and snorkelers. It was named as such, due to the frequent appearances of the protected Mediterranean seal, Monachus-Monachus.

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